Aldi Heart To Tail Everything you need to know (100% Honest Review)

Heart To Tail Information

Pet food manufacturer Heart To Tail is only available at the rapidly growing supermarket Aldi. Originally from Europe, Aldi has experienced a surge in popularity in the US over the past ten years and is now a mainstay of many people’s weekly grocery shopping.

If you haven’t been able to visit Aldi yet, you will probably be able to do so soon. Aldi has more than 2000 unique stores spread across 37 states.

Heart To Tail aims to be very reasonably priced in comparison to other pet food brands, like many other goods and brands sold by Aldi.

Many are considering switching to the brand for this reason more than any other, in addition to convenience and word-of-mouth.

There isn’t much information on the location of the production of Heart To Tail pet food recipes, but we think it does happen here in the US.

Our estimation is that Sunshine Mills, which also manufactures food for Triumph, Evolve, and Elm Pet Foods, owns the manufacturing facility where this production is most likely taking place.

In addition to Heart To Tail, Aldi also sells store-brand pet food under the name Pure Being, which is targeted at a slightly higher price point.

Given that Heart To Tail is a pet food brand that is only available at Aldi, it cannot be found in other retail pet food stores.

Heart To Tail Product Range

Dog Food

Since there isn’t much information online, it’s challenging to determine the full scope of Heart To Tail’s product offering, but based on what we can tell, they have a reasonably wide selection.

This consists of a combination of dog treats and wet/canned food for dogs. Heart To Tail offers noticeably more wet/canned recipes than dry recipes.

Unlike many other brands, Heart To Tail does not emphasise the difference between food that contains grains and food that does not.

Furthermore, it appears that Heart To Tail does not produce many of the well-known specialised dog food recipes, which is unfortunate, including those for puppies, senior dogs, or large breed dogs.

Cat food

Similar to the aforementioned, the scant information makes it difficult to estimate the full scope of Heart To Tail’s cat food selection. However, based on our research, we can say that they sell both wet/canned and dry cat food.

Given the popularity of cat food, the selection of wet/canned cat food is noticeably wider than the selection of dry cat food.

Once more, it doesn’t seem like Heart To Tail produces any recipes for cat food that is specifically formulated for kittens or senior cats.

Dog food from Heart to Tail Nutrition

Unfortunately, the nutrition offered by Heart to Tail dog food recipes varies greatly, with some formulas providing nutrition that is below average when compared to other brands.

This is especially true of their dry dog food recipes, which provide poor nutrition and are rich in carbohydrates and plant-based protein.

The recipe for a Heart to Tail dry dog food can be seen below as an illustration of the nutrition it provides.

Wet dog food recipes from Heart to Tail, on the other hand, offer an improved nutritional profile that is more suitable for dogs. This entails a higher percentage of protein and fat from animal sources and a lower percentage of carbohydrates.

We urge you to read our Dog Food Guide if you’d like to learn more about canine nutrition.

Cat food

Similar to what was said above, Heart To Tail cat food recipes offer inconsistent and varying nutrition.

Many of Heart To Tail’s dry cat food recipes offered nutrition that was underwhelming and did not accurately represent a cat’s natural diet.

These recipes frequently have high proportions of carbohydrates and plant-based ingredients, which are not good for a cat’s diet.

Due to their obligate carnivorous nature, cats must have a diet that is primarily composed of animal or fish products and very little plant material.

Heart To Tail’s wet/canned cat food recipes, on the other hand, are an improvement because they have higher ratios of protein and fat along with crucial moisture.

Check out our Cat Food Guide to learn more about the nutritional needs of cats, including what it means to be an obligate carnivore.

Quality meat and fish ingredients from Heart to Tail.

The majority of these ingredients are found in Heart To Tail’s wet/canned recipes, which use a moderate variety of meat and fish ingredients.

Any of the aforementioned ingredients are regarded as premium ingredients and trustworthy sources of animal-based protein and fat, so their presence is a positive indication.

Pet food producers use all of these ingredients frequently because they are relatively inexpensive, have impressive nutrition, and are simple to obtain.

Other Notable Ingredients

While many of the wet or canned recipes in Heart To Tail use premium meat and fish ingredients, other recipes also use ingredients like Meat and Bone Meal.

Although Meat and Bone Meal can offer dogs some essential nutrition, it is generally regarded as a subpar ingredient and should be avoided.

Meat and Bone Meal’s lack of accountability and transparency is its main flaw. Pet owners are unsure of its exact composition, and manufacturers are free to alter its source at any time.

In our article Bone Meal In Dog Food, we go into more detail about the use of bone meal in dog food.

Some of Heart To Tail’s recipes also include the opaque ingredient animal fat, which is not as frowned upon as Meat and Bone Meal.

Animal Fat is a straightforward ingredient that can give dogs animal-based fat, but, like Meat and Bone Meal, it lacks accountability and the source of the fat may change at any time.

The recipes from Heart To Tail call for a variety of grains, including corn, rice, and soybean. These kinds of grain ingredients can be incredibly contentious additions to pet food recipes, with many people strongly opposing their use.

Other pet owners and professionals, particularly those who use pet food from companies like Purina Pro Plan and Royal Canin, are staunch advocates for the use of grains.

Regardless, these grains serve as substantial sources of fibre, plant-based protein, and carbohydrates.


Last but not least, some of Heart To Tail’s recipes use Wheat Middlings, a grain by-product that can be a very contentious ingredient.

Many people view wheat middlings, a byproduct of the processing of grains, as being of very low quality. Some even go so far as to call them “floor sweepings,” but others contest this.

Animal Testing from Heart to Tail

According to our research, Heart To Tail does not appear to participate in any kind of animal testing.

However, given that we think Heart To Tail recipes are probably made by a different company, the brand probably adheres to the same standards for testing and trialling.

Many smaller pet food companies, particularly store brands, refrain from conducting extensive testing or trials and avoid sharing this information with their clients because it might be viewed negatively.

A lot of people in the industry are worried about this lack of transparency and information and think that some pet food recipes may not have been adequately tested for long-term consumption.

We firmly believe that using animals for invasive or laboratory testing is an evil practise. We hope that this practise will be drastically curtailed or stopped altogether in the future.

Heart To Tail Recalls

According to our research (FDA, AVMA, DogFoodAdvisor), we have no proof that Heart To Tail has ever had to recall any of its pet food products, making it a recall-free brand of pet food.

This recall-free record, however, is not terribly surprising given that Heart To Tail is a new brand and is the default.

But in July 2021, Pure Being, another Aldi brand, announced a voluntary recall. Sunshine Mills Inc., who makes Pure Being for Aldi, has issued this recall.

Certain products that may have had elevated levels of the toxin called for the recall. If consumed in large amounts, this toxin can be harmful to animals. No illnesses have been connected to this problem,

The following list shows the specific Pure Being recipe that is subject to this recall:

Chicken & Brown Rice Deboned Recipe in Pure Being Natural Dog Food, 5 lbs.

Despite this, we hope that the company that produces Heart To Tail’s recipes can uphold strict safety and quality standards throughout the years to maintain its track record of never having to issue a recall.

However, to make sure their pets stay healthy and safe, pet owners should always be on the lookout for any upcoming recalls of Heart To Tail recipes or recipes from any other pet food company.

Best of Heart To Tail

Chicken & Beef Stew With Rice & Carrots Review

Wet dog food recipes from Heart To Tail provide significantly better nutrition than their dry counterparts, as we already mentioned, so we are going to recommend them as Heart To Tail’s best recipes.

This is best demonstrated by the Chicken & Beef Stew, which has a significant amount of animal-based ingredients.

The main ingredient in the recipe and the majority of the animal-based ingredients are Chicken and Beef, respectively.

A moderate amount of several plant-based ingredients, such as rice and carrots, are also included in the recipe.

Both of these commonly found plant-based ingredients can offer a combination of carbohydrates, fibre, and some useful vitamins and minerals.

Articles Featured From Heart To Tail

Heart To Tail has not yet been highlighted in any of our articles.

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