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Buying guide: Bicycle holder for dogs – for more driving fun and safety

Spending time in the fresh air with your dog is great, and cycling together provides exercise and fun. With a bike holder, your dog can walk alongside you without you having to hold the leash. Here you can find out which bike holders are really good and what you should pay attention to when buying and using them correctly.

First things first

  • A dog bike rack is a useful tool if you want to ride a bike with your dog.
  • So you have both hands on the handlebars and your dog keeps the necessary distance to the bike.
  • When buying, you should pay attention to the appropriate suspension so that jerky movements can be dampened.
  • You can find our bicycle rack comparison here.
  • Don’t have time to scroll? These are our favorite bike bars:


What is a dog bike rack?

A bike mount for dogs should make it easier for you and your dog  to ride a bike together  , as you don’t have to keep them on a leash. Your dog is easily attached directly to the bike. The holder for this usually consists of a metal rod with a spring and a short leash. This is attached to your dog’s harness and you’re ready to go. Depending on the model, the holder is usually attached to the rear of your bike so that your dog can walk right next to you.

What are the advantages of a bike mount for dogs?

There are several reasons why a spacer with a leash makes it easier for you and your dog to cycle together. A big plus is that you can leave both hands where they should be when cycling: on the handlebars. So you can react faster and better at any time, even in dangerous situations.

Another advantage is that your dog cannot run into the bike due to the spacer. If your bike holder is equipped with a suspension, it can also not throw you off balance so quickly. Your dog can easily avoid bumps and should it jump to the side, the jolt is dampened. This means that there is a significantly lower risk of injury for you and your dog.

What types of bike racks are there?

Bracket is not the same as bracket. There are different models you can choose from. Here you can find a short overview:

The straight bike bar

In this variant, such as B. Karlie’s Walky Dog, it is a metal rod that is attached to your bike at a right angle. An elastic cord with a snap hook is attached to the end of the rod, which cushions jerky movements. It also gives your dog more room to move sideways, forwards or backwards. Depending on the model, this line can be extended to twice its length.

497 reviews

DRULINE bicycle holder made of stainless steel with triple rear shock absorbe

The curved bike mount

Bicycle holders for dogs come in different shapes and variants. This is often a curved bicycle rod. These include e.g. B. the dog runner from Kleinmetall and the biker set from Trixie. It is usually attached under the saddle at right angles to your bike. The rod is also bent downwards and equipped with a steel spring or spiral spring. But there are also variants in which the metal rod is additionally bent upwards. A short leash with snap hook is attached to the end of the suspension, to which you can attach your dog.

Bella & Balu dog leash for bicycles – spacer with spiral spring, leash and reflectors.

The bicycle leash with shock absorber

During your research you may have come across the topic of bicycle leashes or bicycle leashes with shock absorbers. This is a leash that is partially provided with a thick rubber band. In this way, jerky movements of your dog can be caught and defused. This type of leash is especially recommended for jogging. When cycling, this variant has the advantage over a normal leash that your dog cannot pull you off the bike so quickly when in doubt. However, this method is not really recommended for a safe bike ride. After all, you have to hold your leash in your hand, attach it to the handlebars or hang it around your neck, which limits your movements.

It is better to also install the shock absorber and attach it to the bicycle rod, for example.

The automatic dog leash

Also available are automatic dog leashes, such as the Dog & Roll. The thread or housing of the line holder is attached to the seat post. The leash rolls up automatically and thus adapts to the distance of your dog. In this way, the line cannot get caught in the spokes and is always the right length – it can be extended up to 65 cm. The advantage is that you don’t have to hold the leash and you have both hands firmly on the handlebars. However, there is no spacer, so your dog can get dangerously close to the bike.

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You should pay attention to these properties when buying a bicycle holder

So that you can find the right holder for you and your dog among the large selection, you should pay attention to a few points when buying:

the kind

As you have already read, there are different types of bike racks for dogs. Here it depends on you and your dog: Would you like to have a variant where your dog is separated from the bike by a spacer and thus protected? Or is it more important to you that your dog has more flexibility and that the leash is correspondingly long and elastic? Depending on this, you can choose the right variant.

The suspension

The bracket should definitely have a good spring or elastic line connected. This protects you in case your dog makes jerky movements or has to dodge something.

The leash

Almost every bicycle holder has a suitable leash. In any case, this should be stable and contain a shock absorber so that your dog can walk safely next to the wheel. Sometimes you will also find this leash under the term “short guide” or ” jogging leash “.

The assembly

You certainly don’t want to spend hours wading through instructions – that’s why easy assembly is an advantage. Because maybe the bracket should not be permanently attached to the bike and should only be able to be attached quickly if necessary.

The accessories

Some of the bike mounts are also supplied with matching accessories. This can e.g. B. an extension for a second dog or a replacement suspension. If the right accessories are not included in the scope of delivery, you can usually simply reorder the products.

Harness instead of collar!

You should never attach the holder to your dog’s collar, but always to the harness. This will prevent your dog from injuring itself with a sudden jerk. You can read here how to find the right harness for your dog: Buying guide: Find the right harness for your dog

Bike holder for dogs in the test

We have already tested various bike mounts. Depending on the manufacturer, there are serious differences here, as our experience shows. In the test, we took  a close look at the Kleinmetall Dogrunner mount  and the  Trixie biker set  and found a clear test winner.

Can my dog ​​walk on the bike?

Not every dog ​​or breed is suitable for cycling together. For example, a German Shorthaired Pointer, Rhodesian Ridgeback or Greyhound will not mind a bike ride – provided your dog is fully grown. Because be careful, the skeleton of a large dog is only stable enough from the age of 1.5 to 2 years and is no longer developing, so that cycling is possible. You shouldn’t ride your bike with younger dogs yet.

Small dog breeds such as B. Dachshund ,  Chihuahua ,  Pomeranian  or Shih Tzu have short legs and quickly get out of breath even at a moderate speed of 15-20 km/h and should therefore rather not walk with the bike. For this reason, most bike bars are only designed for medium-sized to large dogs.

ATTENTION: Short-nosed torture breeds such as pugs  , English  bulldogs  or  boxers belong to the so-called torture breeds and should not walk on the bike because they cannot get enough air!! The same goes for old or sick dogs.

The right training – this is how you get your dog used to a bike mount

If you have bought a spacer, you should not start straight away, but start slowly and first teach your dog that the bicycle bar is something positive. Little trips are added little by little. You can find out how to get your dog used to cycling in the article “ How to practice cycling with your dog ”.

How fast and how long can I ride a bike with my dog?

Most of the time, the pace for a moderate bike ride is around 15 to 20 km/h. If you and your dog are fit, healthy and well trained, you can also drive faster and get up to 20 to 25 km/h.
By the way, it is usually advisable to start with small routes and adapt them depending on the fitness of the dog. Those who regularly travel with their dog and bike can cover up to 15 km of tours. However, you should always have enough water for your dog with you and plan breaks.

Also important: Please avoid bike tours with your dog when it is more than 22 degrees outside. Otherwise, your dog can quickly overheat and collapse.

You can find more information about good dog equipment here:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best bike mount for dogs?

In our comparison and in our test, the best bike mount for dogs is the Trixie biker set. You can buy it directly here .

Why do I need a dog bike mount?

A bike holder for dogs allows you to go on relaxed bike tours with your dog. You can keep both hands on the handlebars and your dog has the perfect distance from the bike thanks to the bracket and leash. Thanks to the spacer, the dog cannot run into the bike.

Leash or bike mount for the dog?

A bike mount is a practical purchase. You should only use the leash when you are walking. To ensure the safety of you and your dog, you should use a bike holder when cycling.

Are there bike racks for two dogs?

In fact, there are some models where up to two dogs can be leashed. However, you should note that two dogs naturally have more strength than just one dog and can therefore pull you around more easily.
So you should only use a two-dog bike mount if you have two dogs that walk well alongside the bike and don’t mess around.

How much does a bike mount for my dog ​​cost?

The prices for a spacer are very variable. In any case, the equipment and the manufacturer play a decisive role here. Many well-known brands are represented, from Trixie to Karlie to the Dogrunner from Kleinmetall. You can already get some for around 20 euros, but you can also spend up to 70 euros at high prices. In general, you should make sure that the bike mount for dogs has good ratings. 

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