Best WSAVA Approved Cat Food

What is the WSAVA Organization?

The International Association of Small Animal Specialists was renamed to the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) in 1961 after a group of veterinary experts made the decision to do so (IASAS).

The group now includes 113 member organisations represented by more than 200,000 members. They want to improve the care of companion animals, develop industry standards, and spread knowledge.

Numerous veterinary specialists in the west support or belong to the association, which has a solid reputation.

The WSAVA, however, was not well known among pet owners or even veterinary doctors and technicians until recently.

The WSAVA has taken action in response to recent debates about pet food composition and potential dangers brought on by ingredient choice.

What Are The WSAVA Guidelines?

The WSAVA has several recommendations for the welfare of animals, but their most well-known and contentious recommendations are those regarding pet food.

The recommendations include the use of knowledgeable and reputable nutritionists, feeding experiments, and nutritional analysis of the meal, among other stringent and difficult requirements.

If you’re interested, you can read the complete WSAVA Guidelines document here. Doing so can help you comprehend this subject better.

You can read the FAQ sheet created by WSAVA here. This FAQ page addresses a variety of pet food “myths.”

Despite the fact that our discussion will be on WSAVA-compliant cat food, news of the WSAVA criteria has increased their popularity and prevalence.

There have been connections made in recent years between the prevalence of beans in dog food recipes and the rise in canine heart disease.

Many dog owners have switched to WSAVA-compliant food as a result of this alarming correlation and the study and follow-up it sparked.

This topic won’t be covered in great detail in this post, but if you’re interested in learning more, check out our article on the best dog foods without peas.

WSAVA Partners

WSAVA’s detractors will point out that it is supported by major players in the pet food industry, including Purina, Hill’s, and Royal Canin.

Due to these businesses’ funding to WSAVA,

Some believe that WSAVA’s recommendations are intentionally promoting these large pet food manufacturers and their products and encouraging pet owners to consider feeding their pets smaller pet food brands. were created to prevent because these companies sponsor WSAVA.

Why Most Cat Food Brands Are Not WSAVA Compliant

Why Most Cat Food Brands Do Not Comply with WSAVA
Most cat food brands find it challenging to adhere to the WSAVA guidelines’ requirement for a full-time qualified nutritionist, particularly one with a Ph.D. in animal nutrition.

You don’t have to be an expert in the field to realise that it would be challenging for many of the smaller brands to perform this role.

Additionally, there are only a small number of qualified nutritionists who are readily available, which furthers the problem.

Furthermore, a lot of cat food manufacturers opt to conduct smaller-scale trials rather than extensive feeding trials of their products.

Feeding trials can be contentious because many consumers are opposed to using animals for research.

Regardless of the controversy, no manufacturer of cat food can convincingly claim that their products do not require extensive testing because this step is essential to ensuring their safety for long-term consumption.

While many brands do not adhere to all of the WSAVA guidelines, we feel it is important to note that the majority of cat food brands do adhere to some of them.

The section of the recommendations on nutrient analysis and quality control standards would be the best illustration of this compliance.

Government regulations require all pet food manufacturers to list this information on the packaging of pet food that is sold commercially in the United States.

Best WSAVA Approved Cat Food

Pro Plan Complete Essentials by Purina Review of Adult Chicken & Egg Formula
Pro Plan Complete Essentials by Purina Chicken & Egg Cat Food for Adults

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Industry titan Purina Pro Plan is arguably the most well-liked pet food brand among WSAVA Guidelines proponents.

They are considered one of the “big three” brands, one of the largest researchers in the sector, and employ hundreds of people who are committed to advancing pet nutrition.

Their formulation of their foods, which you can find listed here, is done by a number of veterinary nutritionists who work for a company that is a global leader in research and development.

There is a huge selection of cat food products from Purina Pro Plan, including recipes for numerous

There are several recipes for various health conditions like hairballs or urinary tract issues, as well as information on cat life stages like kittens and senior cats.

Check out our Purina Pro Plan Brand Review to learn more about the company, its ingredient selection, the nutritional content of its recipes, and its history of product recalls.

First, let’s talk about dry food. While there may be some recipes that are better suited to your particular cat, the Complete Essentials Chicken & Egg Recipe is a great all-around choice that would work for most cats.

The recipe uses a substantial amount of Chicken & Chicken Meal as its main ingredients, ensuring that it contains a substantial amount of animal-based protein.

In addition to the Chicken, the recipe also contains a number of plant-based ingredients, such as Pea Protein, Cassava Root Flour, Pea Starch, and Potato Protein.

Even though not all of these ingredients are viewed favourably by the industry as a whole, Purina Pro Plan encourages their use and gives the recipe a blend of carbohydrates, plant-based protein, and fibre.

Purina Pro Plan Savor Adult Salmon & Wild Rice Entree Classic Review Enjoy Classic Cat Food with Adult Salmon & Wild Rice.

The aforementioned Salmon & Wild Rice recipe from Purina Pro Plan may be a good option if you’re looking for wet cat food.

The fact that salmon is listed as the first ingredient in the recipe indicates that salmon makes up a sizable portion of the dish.

Salmon is a great option for cat food because it can offer high-quality protein and fat as well as significant amounts of the advantageous Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

Smaller portions of Liver, By-Products, and Chicken are also included in the Purina Pro Plan recipe to supplement the salmon. Together, these ingredients add up to an impressive minimum of 10% protein and 5% fat.

Despite giving the recipe its name, the amount of wild rice used is actually quite minimal, and as a result, it only contributes a very small amount of carbohydrates and fibre. This lack of plant matter closely matches the cat’s obligate carnivore diet in nature.

While Purina Pro Plan may be the undisputed leader among all Purina pet food brands, if it isn’t easily accessible or is too expensive for you, there are other options.

Due to its use of premium ingredients and the outstanding nutrition its recipes can offer, Purina Beyond has rapidly gained popularity. And if that weren’t enough, one of the most affordable cat food brands is Purina Beyond.

Grain-Free Ocean Whitefish & Egg Review
Purina Beyond Ocean Whitefish & Egg Cat Food

Although Purina Beyond may lack the depth of Purina Pro Plan, it still has some impressive dry cat food recipes, such as the Whitefish recipe mentioned above.

The main components of the recipe are Ocean Whitefish and Chicken Meal, both of which are excellent sources of protein and fat and suitable for a cat’s diet.

Even though the ratio of protein to fat isn’t quite as high as in the Purina Pro Plan recipe, it’s still acceptable at a minimum of 35% and 14%.

The recipe also calls for a combination of peas, tapioca, and other minor ingredients. These give cats a combination of plant-based protein, sugars, and fibre.

Check out our Purina Beyond Brand Review for more details if you want to know more about Purina Beyond.

Royal Canin Indoor Adult Review

Royal Canin Indoor Adult Cat Food

The second of the big three pet food companies we’ll talk about is Royal Canin, which is sold in pet stores and veterinary offices all over the country.

Even though Royal Canin may not be as outspoken about using veterinary nutritionists to create their cat food recipes, we are certain that they do so and have a large number of them.

Anyone interested should read their Nutritional Philosophy, which describes in detail how they go about creating their food.

Many people are unaware that Mars Petcare, which also owns a number of other well-known brands, is the owner of Royal Canin.

Other brands from Mars Petcare that you might be familiar with include Whiskas and Pedigree. We will talk about another Mars Petcare brand later.

In our Royal Canin Brand Review, you can read about Royal Canin’s entire history, including specifics about the time that Mars Petcare acquired the company.

Given that the majority of cats live indoors, many cat owners may find the Royal Canin Adult Indoor formula mentioned above to be a wise choice.

Chicken Meal, which makes up the majority of the recipe’s ingredients,

Even though some cat owners are wary of meat products like chicken meal, they are simply processed meat that has had the majority of its moisture removed, leaving behind a very nutrient-dense ingredient.

Some people might think that Royal Canin’s protein and fat ratio, which is at least 27% and 11% lower than Purina Pro Plan’s, is better suited to inactive indoor cats.

Royal Canin uses a number of grain-based ingredients, such as corn, wheat, brewers rice, and corn gluten meal, in addition to the chicken.

These ingredients are common in Royal Canin recipes and serve as a rich source of carbohydrates and plant-based protein, despite the disdain many in the industry have for them.

Royal Canin Adult Instinctive Loaf In Sauce Review

Royal Canin Adult Instinctive Loaf In Sauce Cat Food

The above Adult Instinctive Loaf In Sauce from Royal Canin might be a possibility if you’re looking for a wet cat food option.

The recipe calls for a combination of chicken and pork by-products, including chicken liver and pork liver.

Pork is an uncommon and infrequent ingredient in cat food recipes, but it is still a good source of animal-based protein and fat.

The recipe has a minimum of 11% protein and 1.9% fat, which is an impressive amount given the size of these ingredients’ portions.

With the exception of these meat ingredients, the recipe only includes very small amounts of a few grain ingredients like Brewers Rice Flour and Wheat Gluten.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken & Rice Recipe Review

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin Cat Food

One of the most well-liked cat food recipes from Hill’s Science Diet is the Sensitive Stomach & Skin Chicken & Rice Recipe mentioned above.

Check out our Hill’s Science Diet Brand Review to learn more about the programme, including its extensive library of recipes for different health conditions.

Sensitivity problems, like sensitive skin and stomachs, are becoming more and more common in cats, and more cat owners are aware of them and making an effort to treat them, which is why recipes like this one are so well-liked.

Since Chicken is a great choice for cat food and can offer a significant amount of animal-based protein and fat, it is used in large quantities as the formula’s main ingredient.

Smaller amounts of chicken meal and fat are also present, and when combined with the chicken, they make up a larger proportion.

In comparison to Purina Pro Plan and Royal Canin, this yields a minimum proportion of protein at 29% and fat at 17%, which is higher and falls in the middle.

In this recipe, the same grains that are used in Royal Canin and Purina Pro Plan as well as Hill’s Science Diet include Brewers Rice, Corn Gluten Meal, and Whole Grain Corn.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Tender Tuna Dinner Review

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Tender Tuna Dinner Cat Food

There are still many formulas to choose from, including a sizable number for urinary and kidney issues, which is a common problem for cats. Hill’s wet cat food line is slightly smaller than their dry cat food line.

However, the aforementioned Tender Tuna Dinner is a great all-around choice and would be suitable for most cats.

The main ingredients of the recipe are a combination of Tuna, Chicken, and Pork Liver.

The recipe helps to provide a minimum of 7.8% protein and 2.5% fat despite the fact that this combination may seem a little unusual.

In addition to these meat ingredients, a minor amount of some grain ingredients, such as wheat flour, rice starch, and oat hulls, are used in the recipe.

Iams ProActive Health Salmon Recipe Review

Iams ProActive Health Salmon Recipe

Some readers might be surprised to learn that Iams is the final brand on our list of cat foods that have received WSAVA approval.

Despite not having the same level of R&D capabilities as the big three brands, Iams complies with the WSAVA Guidelines.

Without a doubt, being a part of the same Mars Petcare group as Royal Canin is a huge advantage, but that shouldn’t be used to minimise Iams.

Iams recipes are widely known for appearing on the shelves of supermarkets like Walmart, making it very easy to buy them. As if that weren’t enough, Iams is much more reasonably priced than the other brands mentioned here.

Check out our Iams Brand Review to find out more about Iams, including details on its ingredient preferences, product line, and recall history.

One of Iams’ best recipes, the salmon recipe mentioned above is great all-around and suitable for most cats.

As its main ingredients, the recipe makes extensive use of by-product meals from chicken and salmon, which are excellent sources of animal-based protein and fat.

These ingredients are supplemented with smaller servings of chicken and chicken meal. This yields an overall minimum protein proportion of 32% and a minimum fat proportion of 15%.

Following that, the recipe calls for a variety of grain components, including corn, sorghum, corn grits, and corn gluten

These ingredients offer a blend of carbohydrates, plant-based protein, and fibre and are very similar to those used by the other brands mentioned here.

Regarding Eukanuba
Those of you who have read our article on WSAVA-approved dog food will be aware that Eukanuba is the fifth brand that satisfies the WSAVA Guidelines.

Sadly, Eukanuba does not manufacture cat food recipes in the United States or Canada, so we are unable to suggest them here.

Although we are unsure if it still complies with the WSAVA Requirements as its dog food does, Eukanuba does produce cat food in the UK.

However, if you’re interested in learning more about Eukanuba, be sure to read our Eukanuba Brand page.


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