Buying Guide: The Best Cat Doorbell

Buying Guide: The Best Cat Doorbell

You have a cat and often don’t notice when it is sitting in front of the front door and wants to go in? A cat doorbell is the solution. This allows your cat to simply ring the bell when it wants to come in. You can read here which are the best cat bells and what you should pay attention to when buying one.

First things first

  • With a cat bell, your cat can let you know that it is at the front door.
  • Card bells work in a variety of ways. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Don’t have time to scroll? These are the best cat bells:

This cat bell works with a motion sensor and has a very cute design.ย The wireless connection has a range of up to 5 meters into the building.ย With 8 different tones as an alarm function or just a light signal.ย With up to 60 days of battery life with rechargeable battery.

  • ๐–๐ข๐ž๐๐ž๐ซ๐š๐ฎ๐Ÿ๐ฅ๐š๐๐›๐š๐ซ – Both the motion detector on the door and the radio bell for indoor use have a 1200mAh rechargeable Li-Io battery
  • ๐…๐ฎ๐ง๐ค๐ฏ๐ž๐ซ๐›๐ข๐ง๐๐ฎ๐ง๐  – up to 5m range in the building ensure a high degree of comfort

This practical acoustic alarm mat reacts to pressure and can be used both as protection against burglars and as a cat bell. Different volumes and tones can be set. The mat can simply be placed under the doormat.

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What is a cat bell?

Cat bells or cat alarms are still quite new and quite innovative. They are ideal for outdoor cats and can compete with any cat flap. Your cat can use it to draw attention to itself and come into the house without you having to install a cat flap or leave the door open all the time.

This is an electronic device that uses a light and/or sound signal to show you that your kitty is at the door and wants to be let in.

The benefits of a cat bell

Both you as the cat owner and your kitty will benefit from such a bell for cats. Your cat can enjoy its freedom and no longer has to meow for hours at the front door because you can’t hear it and you don’t have to constantly check if it’s there and wants to be let in.

But a cat bell has other advantages:

  • You don’t need to install a cat flap in the door or window and attack the structure.
  • You don’t have to ask the landlord for permission.
  • Unfamiliar cats or wild animals cannot easily enter the house.
  • Your cat is not free to bring dead mice or other animals into the house like a cat flap.

How does a cat bell work?

The device is attached to the door and uses either infrared, a motion sensor or a pressure sensor to detect that your kitty is in front of the door and wants to be let in.

The receiver will then emit a ringtone or light signals inside the house to notify you that your cat is there. This way your cat can easily communicate with you from outside.

There are these types of cat bells

There are cat bells with different functions. They vary mainly in how they recognize that the cat is sitting in front of the door.

Cat bell with pressure sensor

This bell for cats works with a special mat that is placed in front of the front door.ย Inside the mat there is a pressure sensor that reacts as soon as someone steps on the mat and triggers the light signal or the sound in the house.ย Your cat does not have to wear an extra collar with a sensor for this type of cat bell.

Cat bell with infrared sensor

This type of cat bell requires your cat to wear a collar with a transmitter. The doorbell for cats uses an infrared sensor to detect when the cat is approaching and then triggers the signal. However, there are also infrared bells that detect movement in front of the door, where the cat does not have to wear a collar.


InnovAdvance Cat Doorbell The wireless bell emits various light and sound signals, such as a meow.ย The Tob can also be switched off completely.ย A collar for your cat is not necessary.ย The transmitter and receiver are easy to install

Cat bell with motion detector

This cat bell reacts to every movement in front of the door. Your cat does not have to wear a collar with a sensor.

Motion detector with wireless doorbell Can detect the movement of people and animals in front of the door.ย Up to 150 meters range between transmitter and receiver.ย 58 melodies to choose from, from 0dB to 110dB.

Cat bell with push button

There are also cat bells, which are very similar to a human bell and require the cat to actually press or touch a button to trigger a signal.

ChunHee wireless pet doorbell The sensor only needs to be lightly touched with the muzzle or paw, no need to press hard.ย Range of up to 150 meters between transmitter and receiver.ย The receiver has 55 different ring tones.

Which cat bell is the best for my cat?

The different models have different advantages and disadvantages:

Your cat does not have to wear a collar for cat bells that work with a motion detector or pressure mat. But they have the big disadvantage that the sensor reacts to any kind of movement or pressure in the entrance area in front of the front door. So also on foreign animals or wild animals.

The alarm is often triggered even though your cat is not there, but strange animals are standing in front of the door or walking past.

You should pay attention to this when buying a cat bell

In order to find the right cat bell for you and your cat, you should pay attention to a few criteria when buying:

The quality

Unfortunately, there are also some cat bells whose alarm function is not very reliable and which do not trigger a signal in the house even though the cat is sitting in front of the door. So make sure that the bell works really reliably and, if in doubt, invest a little more money in a high-quality model.

The range

It is important that the range of the transmitter is large enough so that the cat can ring the bell from a distance and does not have to sit very close to the door to trigger the alarm.

The battery life

The cat bell works with batteries. So that you don’t have to change them constantly, it is important that the batteries in the transmitter last a long time.

The waterproofness

Unfortunately, many cat bells are not completely waterproof, which quickly takes its toll in bad weather. Therefore, make sure that the transmitter is waterproof so that it is not damaged in the rain. The receiver on the front door should also be protected from the rain.

The volume of the sound

When it comes to the volume of the ringer, you should make sure that you choose a model with different ringtones where you can adjust the volume and tone to suit you. Because if the doorbell is too quiet, you won’t hear it and if it’s too loud, it can startle you and your cat.

It is also practical if you can set the bell to only work with a light, e.g. B. You have children in the house who are already asleep.

By the way: Depending on what kind of cat bell you use, you can also use it as an alarm system for your house thanks to the motion detector.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a cat bell cost?

A cat bell costs on average between 14 and 60 euros, depending on the model. If in doubt, you should rather invest a little more to avoid false alarms as much as possible.

Does a cat bell make sense?

Yes, a cat bell makes life easier for you as a cat owner and for your kitty: Your cat no longer has to meow loudly to draw attention to itself and you don’t have to keep checking to see if it’s there.

Can a cat bell be used by other pets?

Yes, other pets can learn to use a cat bell too. In addition to cats, dogs in particular usually learn how it works very quickly and then like to use the bell to get the door opened.

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