Can guinea pigs eat rabbit food? (Note that!)

Guinea pigs and rabbits have some similarities, even if they are different in other areas. Sometimes pet owners prefer to keep both animals because they are just so cute. But what about their diet? Are they allowed to eat the same type of food? So, can guinea pigs eat rabbit food? Unfortunately, guinea pigs cannot eat rabbit food for […]

Allergy or intolerance: everything you need to know about hypoallergenic dog food

What is the difference between food allergy and food intolerance in dogs? Surely you have come across the word “hypoallergenic”. Maybe on the labels of care products or make-up? This also applies to dog food labels. Hypoallergenic products are suitable for allergy sufferers. Hypoallergenic pet food also reduces the risk of allergic reactions. Intolerances and allergies are common in pets, […]


Which country you go, customs you find, but certain things never change: our four-legged friends are an effective part of our family. When moving to a new country, we also need to think about how our pet’s life will change. One of the big differences with Italy is that in the USA the cost of veterinary care […]

11 TOP Cat Foods between Dry and Wet for the Experts

The best dry cat food? And what are the best stewed cat foods? The TOP in the world according to palatability and ingredients. Choosing cat food for our four-legged friends is never easy, especially when the market offers such a vast choice as it does today. Added to this is the fact that some cats (almost all the ones I know!) […]

Cat Food Test 2023 – The best and healthiest wet food for your cat

What is the best cat food? After all, your cat should eat something good to stay healthy for a long time. For our cat food test 2023, we have therefore extensively tested many selected brands and types of wet cat food for you. Here you will find the list of our test winners. At a glance:The 3 best […]

bicycle holder for dogs

Buying guide: Bicycle holder for dogs – for more driving fun and safety

Spending time in the fresh air with your dog is great, and cycling together provides exercise and fun. With a bike holder, your dog can walk alongside you without you having to hold the leash. Here you can find out which bike holders are really good and what you should pay attention to when buying and using […]


Cats make excellent gif fodder. They’re cute. They’re nimble. But most of all—they’re hilarious. Today, let’s have a hearty belly laugh at the expense of our cats. Because watching your cats putter around the house is often better than watching TV. Below, I present: 16 of my absolute favorite cat gifs of all time 1. […]


Aldi Heart To Tail Everything you need to know (100% Honest Review)

Heart To Tail Information Pet food manufacturer Heart To Tail is only available at the rapidly growing supermarket Aldi. Originally from Europe, Aldi has experienced a surge in popularity in the US over the past ten years and is now a mainstay of many people’s weekly grocery shopping. If you haven’t been able to visit […]