Denver Pets: The best and the worst on Craigslist

A new craigslist listing that promises to bring in $20,000 a week, but will you believe it?

The ad, from the Denver-based PetGuru, claims to have found the best of the best pet care in Denver, with services like microchip implants, microchip and microchip microchip removal, and microchips for your dog.

A listing on PetGurus promises to “give you a free microchip for your cat.”

A pet microchip is a device that allows a person to record the microchip in their own DNA.

PetGurus says they will “do a quick review of your cat, find the microchipping, then send the chip to the pet hospital, which will use it to help treat a disease, treat an infection, or any other disease you might have.”

The listing also says that the cost of the service is $5 per month.

But the listing claims the pet microchipped pets will be given a “free microchip to your cat” after the service.

The site states that the service will cost $5 a month for a dog and cat.

According to PetGus website, the cost will be “less than $5 to your local vet and less than $10 to a microchip company.”

The listing does not provide a specific cost, and the site states: “All costs are covered by PetGuras Guaranteed service.”

According to the Denver Post, the Denver Pet Gurus is not affiliated with Denver Pets Alive.

Pet Gurus’ website has also been linked to an organization called Denver Pets Living.

Pet Guru does not seem to have an affiliated business with Denver pets alive, though Pet Guru is listed as a “PetGuru Certified Owner.”

The Denver Post also reported that Denver Pets Live is “affiliated with Denver PetGurs certified owner, Dr. David Daugherty.”

According to Denver Pets, Denver Pets’ founder, Robert “Rob” Daugher, is the director of the Center for Veterinary Microbiology at Colorado State University.

According to Pet Guru, Daughers office is in the “North Park” area of Denver, and Pet Guru’s website has been linked by the Denver post to the University of Denver.