When the media and political class are so blinded by fear and fear-mongering, it’s the American people who lose

An editorial in The American Conservatives warns that President Donald Trump’s “America First” agenda is losing out on mainstream media coverage.

The American conservative website’s first issue was published on Thursday and has garnered a total of 1.7 million views, which is well over the 1 million views it had in December.

“The American people are waking up to the dangers of Trumpism,” the editorial said.

“Trumpism is taking away from the rest of the world, from our ability to make decisions in the international arena, from the free exchange of ideas and from the rule of law.

That is the true threat to the future of America.”

The editorial also pointed out that Trump’s policies have already “killed” countless jobs and destroyed jobs, “turned the economy into a black hole of debt and misery, caused massive job losses and bankruptcies, and made it harder for millions of Americans to find a decent-paying job.”

“But despite all of that, he has also empowered the elite few, while also empowering the vast majority of Americans,” the article said.

The editorial’s authors said that while the American public may not fully understand the impact of Trump’s agenda, the media are already doing their job to “overwhelm” the public with fear-filled headlines.

“Even as the American media and their media allies continue to be utterly blinded by Trump’s lies and threats, the American government is also using the power of its purse to shut down independent news outlets, censor speech, censor the internet, censor online speech, and even suppress the expression of unpopular views,” the paper said.

Trump’s economic agenda has been a priority for the media since he took office.

As part of the president’s plan to bring back manufacturing, Trump has vowed to unleash a massive, border-pushing economic stimulus package.

“Our manufacturing jobs are gone.

And they’re going to come back.

The factory, they’re coming back.

And the factory is coming back,” Trump said during his election campaign.

The president has promised to bring the US back to a position of economic dominance, and has called for “a massive rebuilding of our nation.”

In January, the president signed an executive order instructing agencies to create “a plan to stimulate the U.S. economy through stimulus spending, economic incentives, and other targeted efforts” to revive the economy.

“In the next six months, we will start by restoring a balanced budget,” the order said.