Man who killed pet shop owner dies after being found guilty

A man who killed a pet shop operator after he refused to sell him an expensive pet in a bid to get him to quit his job has died.

John Martin was sentenced to life in prison for the manslaughter of Josephine Hart.

The 30-year-old from Perth’s north-west was convicted at a Perth Magistrates Court on Tuesday of manslaughter.

“I hope that you will accept this verdict and that justice is done for Josephine and her family,” Magistrate Elizabeth Wood said.

“The fact that a person has the ability to inflict such an injury upon another person does not in any way justify the murder of another human being.”

The killing took place in July last year.

Hart had a pit bull named Peter.

Hart’s death came just days after police discovered an 11-year old boy who had been found dead at the foot of his home.

The boy’s body was found by a neighbour who called the police.

A week later, a 22-year year-old man from Perth was found dead after allegedly beating his father to death in a driveway.