Peter Piper on how he’s managed to keep a pet for 50 years

Peter Piper was born in the UK to an American father and Irish mother, and has been in Ireland since 1964.

He’s spent his entire adult life in the Republic, living in a home that was once a cottage, and in his own back garden.

He has lived in the same house since 1971.

But after moving to London in 1992, Peter Piper found he had to live in a flat.

And after being kicked out of the cottage by the landlord, he became increasingly dependent on his pet, an Asian cat named Polly.

It wasn’t long before the cat was no longer able to live out in the country, and was taken into care by the British government.

Today, he has Polly, who has lived with him for 50 decades.

He explained: I was a little bit sad, because Polly was my only pet, but when I went into care, I felt I had to do something to help her.

I had an opportunity to make a real difference, and it was my responsibility to help this cat live out her life in peace and tranquillity.

Peter Piper with his pet Polly in 1991 Peter Piper has always been passionate about animals, and his pet cats are no exception.

He said: I started to love cats and to love them in a way that was not necessarily in their interests, so I wanted to give them the chance to be a part of this life that I was having, and to enjoy the things that I did.

In the 1970s, Peter and his partner decided to have a baby, and Polly became the new owner.

But as he aged, the cat became increasingly withdrawn and didn’t come around as much.

Peter and the family had to decide how much money to spend on her care, and he realised that it was time to give her up.

But before he could do that, he had a bit of a revelation.

He realised that the cat wasn’t going to be the cat he thought she was, and there was a huge amount of anxiety around the cat, which was really difficult.

He decided to give Polly up and make a donation to a local animal charity.

But it wasn’t enough.

Peter was a bit upset at the time, because he had just come to the conclusion that he had been the only person to help Polly with her life.

The charity decided to donate the money, and when Peter had to explain what he had done, he realised there was something that he was missing.

Peter said: It just hit me that Polly didn’t need a big amount of help.

And I thought to myself, “Well, what can I do to help?”

And that was the catalyst for me to start to do some of the things I do.

Peter had a vision for the charity and the charity made him a pledge.

He went back to his old job and he started to work on the cat.

He had Polly sit on his lap, and as soon as she saw him she would turn around and go away.

The cat would go around and get some food, and then the cat would sit back down.

Peter says that in his 40 years in care, he never had to give up Polly: I never had a cat go away in my life.

I never have to give it up.

It’s very difficult to give away a pet.

Peter also explained how he became so passionate about his cat, saying: There’s an amazing story that goes back to the early days of my life, where I was working as a mail carrier in a building in a busy part of London.

I was just doing my job.

There was a cat, a big cat, who had got into my luggage, and I was the courier.

The courier had to get rid of the cat before it got back into the building.

I started giving it to him.

He’d never seen a cat in his life, and the cat had just been living with me in the building, but I’d been given the opportunity to see him as I worked.

Peter took the cat to the cat cafe and said, “I’ve got a job for you.”

The cat sat there for an hour and a half and then went back.

It had been there for so long, that the courier was just amazed.

And he was a really lucky man.

Peter has also had a pet who he has always loved, and now Polly is also the cat’s best friend.

Peter explained: It’s been very difficult at times for Polly to see me, because I’ve been living on my own.

But the fact that I have been able to help my pet is a testament to the kindness of the people of the Republic.

Peter is the first mayor to have Polly as his pet.

He told the BBC: It was a very traumatic period.

I felt very sad, I had a feeling I was giving up on the animal