Why ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ lyrics make me laugh

This song has been called the best Christmas song ever, and it has the makings of a classic holiday classic.

But what about the lyrics?

Here are six things you should know about the classic Christmas song.1.

It was written by a man named J.B. “JB” FiskIn the 1970s, J. B. “Bubba” Fisks was an assistant manager for The Beatles and John Lennon.

Fisk became interested in the songs of the Beatles’ songs, which were originally written by J.J. Bach and later by George Harrison.

In 1974, Fisk decided to rewrite the lyrics from his favorite song.

The new lyrics were titled “Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairies.”2.

Fisks wrote the lyrics himselfIn the late 1970s and early 1980s, Fisks’ wife and then-fiancée wrote the song.

They also recorded the original version of the song, which was recorded in London and London recording studios.

In 1980, the original versions were re-recorded and released on the Beatles, McCartney and Lennon’s albums.

McCartney recorded the new version with his wife, with the lyrics re-written from the original by Fisk.3.

The original version was written in EnglishIt is unclear when Fisk first wrote the original lyrics.

In 1973, he recorded the first version of “Dancing Of The Fairies” in English.

In 1979, he wrote the next version, which is also titled “The Dance Of The Fairy.”

In 1983, Fiss wrote the final version, titled “I Want You To Dance With Me.”4.

Fiss’ original version included the word “tender”In the original, Fisch wrote, “I want you to dance with me tenderly,” which is a reference to his wife’s singing of the words “I wish you were my tender, I wish you had the kind of love that would make you dance with tenderness.”

In the updated version, Fissel wrote, in all caps, “A tender dance with your husband.”5.

Fisch’s original version has a “dance” in itFisch also wrote the new “Dancer” version, in which the word dance is changed to “dancing.”

This is a common occurrence on Christmas songs.6.

Fissels version of Fisk’s original lyrics was a Christmas songThe lyrics of “The Dancing Of The fairies” were written in 1973 and 1974, respectively.

It is unclear if Fisk had any input in their writing, but he wrote them.

They are, in his words, “the only Christmas song that’s ever been sung in my head and not written by me.”