Peter B. Nelson and Pete Attia set up Craigslist in Tampa for homeless pets

The Tampa Bay Times of the week: Pet News and Entertainment – Sunday, January 12, 2019 07:00:00.

Written by Peter B Nelson, Pete Attiah and Matthew Nelles, The Times Of India – Monday, January 13, 2019 06:00:”Pet-loving friends Peter and Pete Nelson are creating an online marketplace for homeless cats, dogs, and other pets in Tampa.”

This week, The Tampa Times of Sunday, February 10, 2019 03:00-04:00, features an interview with Peter B and Pete.

The Times of Monday, February 13, 2018 03:30-04:”Peter and Pete have been living in the Tampa Bay area for the past few years, living with their three cats and dogs.

They’re currently looking for a place to live in the Sunshine State.”

A look at the online marketplace, which has been selling pets since August of 2018:”The owners of this online marketplace say that they are offering cats, kittens, and dogs for adoption, but don’t specify a monthly rent.

Instead, they want you to donate whatever you can spare to the cause.

They have been giving away cats, puppies, and kittens to charities since July of 2018, and are still looking for donations for 2018.

They say that cats, kitties, and puppies are all over the house, and the cats have a good appetite.

They offer free grooming and spaying, neutering, microchipping, and vaccinations.”

The Tampa Bay Chronicle, February 19, 2018 07:30:”When Pete Attiya’s wife, Stacy, and his three cats moved into the Tampa condo, he couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with the attention they received.

Attiya, a retired Tampa police officer, says he didn’t want to keep living in a condo where his cats could be in danger, so he started looking for an alternative to living in one.”

Tampa Bay Times, February 24, 2018 05:30:00″Pete Attia is a former Tampa police detective and an animal lover who is searching for a new home to call home.

Attia’s Craigslist post includes several listings, including a home for dogs and cats.

He said he’s looking for people willing to donate as much as $100 for a cat, $200 for a dog, and $300 for a kitten.”

Tiger, a three-year-old tabby cat, was adopted from a shelter.

The Tampico Herald-Tribune, February 26, 2018 06:30″Tampa is the fourth-most expensive city in the U.S., according to a new study by the American Veterinary Medical Association, and its pet prices are among the highest in the country.

The Tampa Times reports that pets from shelters can cost between $600 and $1,200 a year, and some pets are even more expensive.

Attia said the average pet cost for a shelter animal was $1.95 an hour to care for, and that a shelter cat cost about $400 an hour.

The city has more than 3,000 shelter animals, but only about 100 of those animals are adopted out to loving homes.

The other more than 300 animals are euthanized or taken to the city’s animal shelter, which can be anywhere from five days to several weeks.

Attias family has taken in about 100 cats and kittens in the past year.

He has adopted about 50 of them.

He’s hoping to find a new house soon, but he is worried about his cats and hopes to eventually find a home in Tampa.