Pet Names: Pete’s Pet Names

Peter Tork, the dog from the film The Pet Chick, has a pet name that is all over the place, according to a new study.

Tork, a former Marine Corps dog handler who was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, has been dubbed Pete by friends and family.

The study, published in the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, found that people who have adopted Tork have named him after many different animals, including cats, rabbits, dogs, horses, pigs and a few other exotic pets.

Pet owners also have created names for Tork that are all over town, according the study.

The findings underscore the importance of asking pet owners to make names that capture their personality and personality traits.

“The word ‘pete’ is just a great name, because you can say it’s the name of a guy who loves dogs, who loves to play with them, who likes to watch them,” said Peter Reckell, an associate professor of psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“It captures the essence of the person.”

The study used online surveys of more than 1,000 pet owners and found that Tork was a popular choice among pet owners.

The results are similar to previous research, which found that names with a high correlation with dog traits are popular.

Reckell said the study is only one part of a larger effort to better understand how people choose their pets.

“I think there’s a lot of data out there that is coming out that really shows how a person can become a very good and loving owner of a dog,” he said.

“We really have to understand the reasons why that person is getting that dog, and that person may be an adopter, and we want to be aware of that and make that information available to the public.”

Pete’s pet name is popular among dog owners, but the study found that pet names can also reflect other qualities, such as temperament, personality, and personality type.

Torks name is based on his military experience, according, and the name reflects the “hard work” he’s put in to become a better person, Reckell said.

Pete is the name given to the dog who was a member of the Marine Corps from 1967 to 1974, Recoll said.

His military training gave him a more outgoing personality, he said, and Pete’s nickname is based in part on his ability to work with other people, rather than on his personality.

Recell said his research showed that people are more likely to use their own names for their pets than their own.

“People are really interested in their pets, and they want to have a pet that has personality, that has some kind of personality,” he added.

The research is based at the Center for Applied Animal Behaviour Science at the university, and has been published in multiple journals.