Why I Won’t Let My Dog Die on the Floor

In my pet shop, I’ve got some big animals, including a couple of miniature chickens and a couple miniature dogs.

They all have their own personality.

I’ve had some great experiences with my customers.

One of my customers, Pete O Toole, has an Australian shepherd mix.

He had this puppy and it was so cute, so sweet, so loving.

He called me after he got home from the airport.

He said, “I’m going to put him on the floor,” and I said, [expletive deleted] Pete.

I was in the bathroom, and he said, You’ve got to do this.

He walked into my bathroom, grabbed his little puppy, and said, Let me give you a hug.

And I’m standing there and I’m thinking, Oh my God, I have no idea what I’m doing.

He got my little puppy on the bed and said to me, Look, I don’t know how to get this puppy off the floor.

But I said let me help you.

And Pete started taking the puppy off of the bed, and the puppy was just standing there on the mattress, and I was just so happy.

Pete’s an Australian Shepherd mix, and you can see his face.

So I said to him, “Okay, this is it.

I’m going back in there and you’re going to sit there for two hours.

I’ll be right back, and then I’m gonna take this puppy.

And then you’re gonna get the puppy on your back.”

And he was just staring at the floor and thinking, [laughter].

I’m telling you, I had tears in my eyes.

I thought he had done this to himself.

And when Pete was done with the puppy, he put it back on his back.

And he said to his friend, [gestures to a dog] “I think he might like it.”

[laughter] So he said yes.

And the puppy did.

So that was a really good experience.

So, if you’re a pet owner, you should probably get a pet store dog or cat, because that’s what pet owners do.

It’s a big part of their livelihood.