‘Cat’ has cancer and dies, vets say

A cat whose owner died from cancer at age 80 has died, a veterinary clinic in Minnesota said.

The Associated Press reports the cat, named Cate, was found unconscious in her home on Tuesday.

Cate was found with cancer, but died Monday.

Her owner died of the illness.

Cate, a retired American Staffordshire Terrier, was diagnosed with the disease in December 2016.

Veterinarians told the AP the disease was “pretty severe” and that it could have “a really long and painful end.”

Cate’s owner, Kathy Brown, told the Associated Press the cat was ill for about a month before she died.

She said Cate suffered from a lung infection that was treated.

Cats are a favorite pet of Brown’s, who has lived in Minnesota since 1982.

She told the news outlet she’d been hoping to adopt a cat from another state when she was diagnosed.

She says the cat has lived happily in Minnesota for more than 20 years, but it was only this year that she began seeing more frequent problems.