How to help a homeless pet in need with the Craigslist craigslist shelter

The pets at this Houston Craigslist shelter are a little less fortunate.

They have lost their owner, Peter Sutcliffe, who passed away last month after being a part of the shelter’s volunteer workforce for more than 30 years.

Sutcliffe was the shelter CEO for 12 years.

The shelter’s website says he died of a heart attack in his home on Nov. 5.

The website does not identify the cause of death, but it did say he was a former employee.

It wasn’t clear why Sutcliffe was homeless, but the shelter did say it was in need of a “volunteer leader” who would help manage the shelter, which was under a “specialty shortage” due to a shortage of volunteers and a shortage in housing.

The shelter’s Facebook page says Sutcliffe led the staff in finding a way to “rescue” the homeless animals in the Houston area and provide them with veterinary care.

He also was instrumental in developing a shelter-based program called “PETS” that had a significant impact on the number of animals the shelter adopted.

Sutscliffe was an avid gardener and a member of the Houston Pets Alive and Well Foundation, a nonprofit that raises money for the animals in need.

He was also a lifelong Houston Astros fan who lived in the area where the shelter is located.

Suttles death left many in Houston reeling.

He had helped the shelter find more volunteers and find housing.

It was a sad loss, said Jason Fitch, an animal rights activist who founded the Houston Humane Society.

He added that he was heartbroken that Sutcliffe’s death had impacted the homeless animal rescue and adoption community.

Suttercliffe was remembered at a vigil at the Houston Chronicle building Monday night, where he was honored with a plaque.