Which is the pet name for your ferret?

Pet name is one of the most common pet names in India, with many Indian households choosing it for their pet.

Pet name has a wide variety of meanings, with a range of meanings ranging from the simple to the complex.

Pet names, especially those related to pets, are not restricted to the Indian subcontinent.

Pet owners in Australia have been known to choose pet names for their furry friends for years.

A survey conducted by the Australian Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) last year found that more than 80 per cent of pet owners in the country chose a pet name that referred to their pet as a pet, rather than a family member.

The AVMA survey also found that some pet names were more common than others.

A few of the more common pet name choices included pet names like pet, pet, dog, and pet cat, but the list of pet names that are the most commonly chosen for pet in Australia are as follows: