How to take your kids to a new place in time for the Holidays

In December, the city of Chhattisgarh will host its largest Christmas celebration ever, with thousands of people gathering for the annual Christmas event that has traditionally been a time for family reunions and religious rituals.

The event is being held to mark the end of winter, and is expected to attract tens of thousands of revelers who will be heading to the city for the traditional festive celebrations.

But what happens when the celebrations end? 

“We’re going to have a few problems.

First, we’re going down to the water of the river Chachchur, where there are large numbers of people, which will have a significant impact on the river’s flow.

Second, the people coming down will not be prepared to go down the river to get a cup of water,” says Vinod Kumar, a river expert and member of the Chhattissgarh Municipal Corporation.

A few years ago, the state government created a special group to look into the issues around the water pollution and flooding.

The Chhattisesgarh government has set up a committee to look at the situation and formulate a comprehensive solution to the problem.

The committee, which is being led by Chhattistans Environmental Services department, is looking into how the river can be cleaned and the flow can be improved.

“We are planning to set up the task force to examine all the issues, including river flow and water quality.

We will look into a number of options to improve river flow in the district,” Kumar says.

But there are other challenges as well.

“First, it’s not just a water issue, it is also a pollution problem.

So we need to understand how it affects the environment, especially when the pollution levels are high,” he says.

According to Kumar, the committee is going to look closely at how the Chachcha river flows and its impact on people’s lives.

“We will also look into whether it’s a drought-related issue.

If so, then the situation will be different.

But if it is not, then we will have to look out to see how it is affecting the people and how we can help them,” he adds.

It’s also important to look after the people living in the area, says Kumar, as the water and the environment are very important to the people.

“There are several rivers in the region, but the Chacha river is very important.

It is a major river.

So, we will be looking into its impact,” he notes.

The other major issue that is expected in the coming days is the water quality and the lack of access to it.

“The ChachChur river is a very important water source for the people in Chhattistan, but it is very difficult for people to get access to the river because the river has a very poor quality of water.

We are planning a visit to the district soon to look more into this,” Kumar adds.

He also says the committee will be able to identify which parts of the district have access to good water.

“I will be visiting the district to look for more details on this,” he points out.