When pet monkey bites dog, ‘I think I’m a good pet’

When pet monkeys bite dogs, it’s not a good sign.

While the animals are friendly, their bites can be extremely painful and can even lead to a stroke.

When a pet monkey bit a dog, it may have been a little too close, or the animal may have not been able to get away, says Jeevan Sahu, a veterinary internist and pet monkey expert.

“They may have felt that they were touching the dog, but in fact they were not.

If they had been able, the dog would have felt pain and probably stopped moving,” Sahu says.

According to Sahu and other vets, there is an important distinction between a pet’s “normal” behavior and its propensity to bite a dog.

“If it bites your dog, your dog is going to bite it,” he says.

“But if the pet monkey gets into the dog’s mouth, your pet is not going to be biting the dog.

So, if you’re bitten, your vet has to do a lot of work to make sure that it doesn’t hurt your dog.”

Pet monkeys can bite the dog for more than just being close.

“They can also grab the dog by the neck and squeeze,” Shesu says.

That’s why vets recommend that owners keep their pets restrained in a secure area.

Pet monkey bites also have a serious side effect, especially when a dog is injured.

It can also lead to seizures.

Shesh says that it’s important to keep your dog in a stable position while pet monkeys are around.

“A lot of times the pet will grab the pet’s neck or bite the head,” Sesh says.

If that happens, the vet may have to amputate the dog from its neck and hand.

“We use a special cutting tool to remove the spinal cord,” Suresh says.

While veterinarians are hesitant to give out too many specific details, Sahu does recommend that you always have your pet in a secured enclosure.

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