How to find your next pet in your local pet store

AUSTIN, Texas — The dog that made headlines around the country when he came home with a leg injury after being struck by a truck has had his story turned into a television movie.

Pet shop boys at Peter Townsend, the pet store in the heart of Austin, are making a documentary to chronicle Peter’s life since he lost his leg to the hit-and-run.

Peter’s story is part of Pet Shop Boys’ “Peter Townsend’s Life on the Rise,” which will premiere this fall on the PBS station Animal Planet.

Peter was just five years old when he was struck and killed by a pickup truck while crossing a highway in July 2010.

Peter suffered multiple surgeries, including surgery on his leg.

In 2011, he lost two more legs.

Peter, who loved to play with his dogs and was a talented boxer, was a member of the local high school’s wrestling team and had a tattoo of a giant dog on his arm.

Pet Shop Boys, which launched in 2012, says its mission is to help animals everywhere.