The tech industry’s biggest tech CEOs: Where they are now and where they’ll be in 5 years

The CEOs of some of the biggest tech companies in the world have given a candid assessment of the world’s most important industries and how they’ll change their business models and priorities over the next five years.

Peter Reckell, CEO of the tech giant Microsoft, said that the companies that he oversees are now “at a crossroads.”

He said that companies are looking for new opportunities and the need for innovation is growing as more and more companies invest in cloud and mobile computing.

“It’s a new era,” he said.

“We are now in a transition period in which we are in the midst of a revolution in the way we build products and services and businesses and we are also in a period of transformation.”

What I am seeing is a lot of consolidation, and that is going to happen, but I don’t think we have the answers yet.

“As I see it, we need to be innovators, we can’t just build on what we’ve built.”

And Jeff Bezos, CEO and co-founder of Amazon, said the companies in his charge are “at the crossroads of a long and difficult ride.”

“The challenges are huge,” he told reporters in San Francisco, adding that the industry is in a “huge transition” and is “on the verge of becoming obsolete.”

“I am looking forward to the day when we no longer need to compete in a global marketplace with, we don’t need to build things like the Internet of Things,” he added.

“That’s not a vision I believe in.”

And Steve Jurvetson, the chairman and chief executive of the entertainment and publishing company AMC, told reporters that the transition from entertainment to technology is taking place in the entertainment business, too.

“The question is whether or not you have to compete with a competitor to get there,” he continued.

“That is not the case today.”

“If you want to build the future, you have got to compete for your customers.”

In an interview with Bloomberg Television, the CEO of Amazon said that he has seen an “epidemic” of mergers and acquisitions and the “corporate culture” of Amazon is “stagnant” and that he wants to keep the company’s focus on the content.

“If I am a shareholder, I want to buy the company at a lower price than the valuation is,” he wrote.

“But that doesn’t mean that I want a merger, or that I am going to give up on our business model.”

I think there is a long road ahead for the industry.

“He added: “Amazon is going through an extraordinary time, but we’re going to see more companies come to the market, and more disruptive innovation happen.