The Craigslist pittsburg pet business is booming, and that means a lot of pets can be stolen

Posted October 14, 2019 07:02:00In the city of Pittsburgh, it is common for a family to own and operate a home-based business.

There are a few reasons that many of these businesses can be successful: the demand for affordable pets and a high demand for new homes.

However, one pet owner in the Pittsburgh area, Peter Schiff, believes that there are more opportunities for his business than the ones that have come before him.

Schiff started the pet company in 2010 with his girlfriend.

He says that they were initially only interested in buying pets and keeping them for their own pet.

After some time, they decided to make pets their main focus.

After the family lost their pet, they were able to start a new business.

Their business started with their own cats and dogs, but they soon began to sell other pets.

They started to add new pets as well.

According to Schiff’s website, PetCo, the company offers everything from home-bred pets to exotic animals.

Schiffs wife, Stephanie, is the owner of the business.

She said that the pet business helps keep the business going by bringing new customers into the business as well as providing a good supply of pet-friendly homes.

SchIFF and Stephanie have made more than $1.2 million in revenue over the last five years.

Their total revenue of $2.1 million was also surpassed by their other business.

Their business has become very popular.

According to their website, they have sold about 300 pets in their first year of operation.

There are a lot more businesses like PetCo in the area, but Schiff says that he doesn’t have a specific target for what he would like to grow into.

He is looking for a niche, and he is going to take a gamble and hope that the business catches on.

PetCo is now accepting applications for new owners and wants to be able to offer them a good home in the future.

The owner said that PetCo is going through a few challenges right now.

They are still in the process of finding a new home, but the most important thing is that they are able to bring in new customers and be able expand their business.