‘I’m the dog’: Pet owner Peter Scully takes on new job as mayor of Peterborough

PETERSBURG, England — Peter Scully is a dog lover who now finds himself mayor of a small town.

He is also a man with a secret.

The 45-year-old former chief executive of the world’s largest pet food company is now in charge of his pet’s life.

His new job will take him into the heart of the pet food industry, a role that includes managing a $2.2 billion food company and an industry that has helped fuel China’s economic boom.

Scully will be chief executive officer of the China Food Industry Council, the group that owns and operates China’s largest food company, which has a market capitalization of more than $4.5 billion.

The council is headed by Scully and includes his father, former chairman Peter Scull, and a number of other prominent Chinese business leaders.

“We’ve got a lot of business here in Peterborough and I think I have the best opportunity to do a lot for the pet industry in the United Kingdom,” Scully told The Associated Press by phone from China.

The company is the largest dog and cat food company in the world, and it has expanded into more than 100 markets in Asia, including China, Australia and New Zealand.

As CEO of China Food, Scully oversees the company’s operations and the marketing and sales of the company.

When Scully left the company last year, China Food’s stock was trading at $2,500 per share.

It has since dropped to $1,200 per share, according to Bloomberg data.

Chinese regulators said in February that the company had illegally marketed dog food that was not inspected.

China Food said the allegations are unfounded.

Scully has denied wrongdoing.

Last month, he stepped down as CEO of the animal health company Peta-Peta Holdings after a series of missteps.

Peta-Peta, which owns pet food brands, including Peta and Peta Plus, is one of China’s biggest companies and its revenues have soared since its founding in 1996.

China’s pet food companies also have a stake in Peta, which makes cat food and dog food, according the China Animal Industry Council.

The company said last year it planned to expand its animal health business to include human health and pet products.

China Food is one major pet food supplier for the United States.

But the company has faced criticism for using animal products, including pet food, as the main ingredient in pet food products.

China has a national ban on animal products that are used as animal feed, but it does allow dog and other animal products as feed for humans.

A spokesman for China Food declined to comment on the new role.

At, a Web site for Peta pet food sales, a photo of the new CEO, Scull with his dog, reads, “We love dogs.”

Scully, who has a black Labrador named Buddy, has been a member of the council since 2013.

He took the role to lead Peta in February, two months after he left the board.

The new CEO will work closely with Scull to develop the company into an international leader in pet foods, he said.

Since 2013, Sculsh has served as president and chief executive.