How to get a new visa for Denmark

A new Danish visa for Peter Gunz, the leader of the far-right Danish People’s Party, will take effect on October 16, the Danish embassy in Washington said in a statement on Saturday.

The new visa is for a non-immigrant visa and allows Peter to stay in the United States for five years, the embassy said.

Gunz’s party was the first major party to gain power in Denmark after the collapse of the coalition government with the ruling Conservatives and the coalition of two smaller parties.

Guns party won a landslide victory in the recent election and has vowed to fight for stricter immigration laws.

The Danish embassy statement did not mention Gunz by name.

Gunza, the spokesman for the Danish People for Freedom, is the current leader of Danish People before he became the party leader in December 2015.

He was appointed to the role in April 2017.

The embassy did not say when the new visa would be issued.

Denmark’s new visa law will apply to anyone with a Danish citizenship or residence permit, including dual nationals of Denmark and a country of permanent resident status, such as the United Kingdom.

Gunzan was born in Denmark in 1949.

He became a citizen of the United Arab Emirates in 1986 and returned to Denmark in 1997, according to Denmark’s Foreign Ministry.

He is a senior member of the Danish Freedom Party, which was founded by Danish nationalist prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen in 2005.

The party won the Danish parliament in a vote in June 2016.

Gunzi’s party has said it will not accept any foreign interference in the country’s affairs.

Gunze was born to a wealthy family and went to school in Denmark.

He came to the United Nations in 2007 to lobby against the Copenhagen School Massacre.

Gunzer is one of the founders of the “Free Europe” movement, which opposes the EU and the Schengen open border rules that have become the norm since the EU-Turkey deal was signed in 2004.