Aussie Craigslist Pet Admits It Loves Cats

Aussie pet website craigslist has revealed it has been forced to close its Facebook page after an online petition to keep it alive gained more than 10,000 signatures.

The petition, called Peta Jensen, was started by Australian pet owner Jennifer Jensen, who had a cat named Lila.

She was then forced to take Lila to the vet for surgery to remove a cataract.

“It’s a real shame to see our community go and have to go through this, but I’m not going to stop fighting for Peta,” she said.

“I want people to know that we have cats and dogs, and that’s what we love to do.”

Ms Jensen said she was left devastated after the surgery and lost contact with her pet.

“We are devastated,” she told AAP.

When Peta started the petition in May, Ms Jensen had a friend who was in the same position.

They asked the online community for support, and Ms Jensen started a Facebook page for the campaign called Peto Jensens Lila Page.

In a statement posted on the Peta Jensen Lila page on Monday, Ms Jensensen said the petition had been a huge success, with over 12,000 people now signed on to the page.

Ms Jensen said the campaign was also important for pet owners to “know that Peta will always be here for you”.””

[It has] been amazing and has been an amazing experience to see people so united in their support of Peta and their cats,” she wrote.

Ms Jensen said the campaign was also important for pet owners to “know that Peta will always be here for you”.

“This petition is a tribute to Peta’s amazing support for all animals and pets, and we hope to continue to spread the word about Peta through this great campaign,” she added.

Ms Jensen told the ABC she had been told she had no choice but to close the Facebook page.

Peta Jensen has taken to Facebook to thank supporters.

Photo: Supplied The petition, which has now been removed, claimed Peta was an “amazing cat” and that she had “wanted to keep [her] family together” since she was nine months old.

“Our pets and pets love each other and they need our help and support.”

Peta is the most wonderful cat in the world, she is so gentle and loves her family and her friends,” the page reads.”

But we have to face it now, it is not our time, and Peta is not the one we need anymore.

“You are the ones who are going to love Peta, and the best thing that you can do is love Peto.”

Ms Jensen was not the only one to take issue with the petition, with the Australian Pet Association and Australian Veterinary Association both urging Peta to stop raising money for the surgery.

Ms Jensenson has also spoken out against a recent decision by the Victorian Government to allow dogs to use a service dog licence, in an effort to help animals suffering from chronic illnesses.

A Victorian Government spokesperson said Peta could not be forced to accept euthanasia and she could not revoke the licence.

“Victoria is a safe and compassionate community and the decision on euthanasia for pets has always been based on a thorough review of the circumstances of the individual pet,” the spokesperson said.

Australian Veterinary Association Victorian president David Smith told AAP Peta should not be used for euthanasia.

“It is not appropriate for a pet to be forced into euthanasia,” he said.