How to make a pot of rice, noodles and more with your kids

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the foodie and chef duo, who have just finished the first part of their “Curry for the Holidays” series in which they share a recipe for “pizza rice”, a dish that uses a combination of rice and meat as the base.

“I was very excited to start cooking for the first time, but I wasn’t quite sure what it would be,” says Paul, who is currently working on a recipe called “pizzas for a bowl”.

“I’m definitely going to be doing it again soon.

I’ll probably start using this recipe again in the future and hopefully get it out there.”

Pizza rice is usually a low-key dish for the holidays, but it’s a dish which is popular with families and is also popular in the US.

“It’s something I made for a very special family event and they loved it,” Paul says.

“They were very enthusiastic about it, and it turned out really well.”

The first recipe Paul shared with his parents involved a mix of rice noodles and beef and chicken stock.

He says his parents “wanted more than what was on the plate, and they really wanted something different”.

The family cooked the meal and shared the recipe online, but Paul says the dish was not popular with his family.

“The reaction was, ‘How dare you even try this!’, and they didn’t want to see it on the table,” he says.

Paul says it took a while for his parents to embrace the dish.

“We were eating it and then we realised, ‘OK, we’ve got to do something about this, we’ll make some pizza’,” he says, adding that they then turned to YouTube to find people who shared their passion.

Paul said his parents enjoyed the meal, and were so happy with how it turned into a recipe they were able to use it in a restaurant for the next couple of years.

He also shared his recipe with other families at a local barbecue event.

“People loved it and it went viral, so we started to sell it online,” he said.

Paul is now looking to expand on his original recipe.

“One of my favourite things is the noodles and the beef and the chicken stock and I really want to keep doing that,” he explains.

“When I think about making a pizza, I think of the food itself, and the sauce, and all the flavours that come from it.”