Why a hotel in Portland is planning to build a hotel that’s actually a pet hotel

As the mayor of Portland, Pete Buttigieg has a number of pet issues to deal with, including the rising costs of housing pets.

Now the hotel’s owner is looking to get rid of the pet-friendly theme.

In April, the hotel was approved to add a pet-centric theme.

But it’s not a new theme.

For years, the city has been using a variety of theme ideas that include a dog-friendly lobby, a lounge for pets and a pet spa.

The hotel says it’s already gotten more than 300 reservations.

But the hotel says the theme will be tweaked based on customer demand and the needs of pet owners.

It’ll include a lounge that will be open to the public, and it’ll also be pet-safe, Buttigiel says.

The hotel says they’re already planning to get a permit from the city for the new theme and plan to open in October, but they want to be sure that’s the case before they open.

The pet theme will feature a lounge area that’s open to everyone, and a restaurant with the theme, which is a dog bar.

The Pet Hotel is located at 1320 SW 15th Avenue.

The building will be torn down and rebuilt in the fall.