Pet Friendly Hotels: Pets can be a lifesaver

Pet Friendly Hotel has become a pet-friendly hotspot thanks to its partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

The company is providing a pet deposit insurance policy for all of its hotels to help pet owners with pet expenses.

The Humane Society’s new Pet Deposit Insurance Policy will be available for guests of all ages, as well as for those guests that have a special or health condition.

“We are very excited about the new Pet Deposit Insurance Policy and the incredible support that Pet Friendly has shown our guests,” said Holly Fournier, executive director of the HSUS.

“Our members have helped us reach a tipping point in the pet industry, and we are grateful to Pet Friendly for their commitment to pet-safe and humane hotel experiences.”

The Pet Deposit policy includes up to $2,500 in pet deposit coverage for pets.

It is available to hotel guests with a $10,000 or more deposit.

In addition, the policy provides a $100 pet deposit waiver for guests that pay their pet deposit at the time of booking.

It also provides up to 10% off pet insurance policies.

“When it comes to pet safety, we are always looking to help our guests, and Pet Friendly’s pet deposit policy is a perfect example of how we are reaching out to guests to help ensure their pets are protected,” said Lauren Miller, senior vice president of consumer relations and marketing for Pet Friendly.

“Pet Friendly’s policies are designed to help hotel guests make the most of their pet deposits and to help prevent pet deaths.”

The HSUS also offers a $500 pet deposit fee waiver for hotel guests that do not have a pet.

A $100 waiver also applies to pet deposit owners that have health issues that can lead to death, and up to 15% off all pet insurance plans for pet owners.

Pet Deposit Insurance policy holders are encouraged to call the company at 800-869-5521 for more information.

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