How to get a pet rat to eat your cat

Posted October 04, 2018 15:08:50 In a city where people are so accustomed to pets, there are few things that are as uncomfortable as having your pet pet rat sniffing your face and scratching at your chest.

While pets are nocturnal creatures, the animals can also be used as an escape if the need arises.

Here’s how to get your pet rat into your home and out of the house to do his or her job.


Make sure the rodent is in the house before you bring it into the home 2.

Get a pet cage for the rat 3.

Have the rat’s owners leave the rat outside of the cage 4.

Make your rat’s bedding and food in the living room and bedroom 5.

Make the rat bed in your kitchen 6.

Place the rat in the rat-proofed bed 7.

Put the rat under your mattress and make the rat sleep on your couch 8.

Put your rat on the bed in the room with your cat 9.

Put a blanket over the rat 10.

Put food in your rat-free cat-free home 11.

Take your rat to the veterinarian and have the veterinarian examine it 12.

If you’re unsure of what to do next, contact your veterinarian 13.

Be sure to clean the rat and make sure that you are using the right rat-safe products 14.

When the veterinarian finds that the rat is safe to be in your home, they will remove it and dispose of it in the proper manner.