The first of many pet food brands will be launched in 2018

By: Sarah StahlNext Big Future (NGF) has announced that its pet food business will launch in 2018.

The brand is expected to be launched at a New York City pet store later this year, with plans to launch a second pet food company in 2019.

The company is aiming to be the first in the industry to deliver quality pet food in an affordable package.

Pet food is currently the largest single segment of the U.S. pet food industry, accounting for about 13% of all pet food consumed.

The market is expected grow to $6.5 billion by 2025.NGF, founded in 2014, has grown from an idea to a $1 billion company that is focused on providing pet food to pets and their owners.

The company’s pet food division currently serves more than 25 million dogs and cats and is one of the largest food producers in the country.

Pet owners have been using the brand for a number of years, but with pet food companies ramping up, NGF plans to expand its range of products in 2018 to include dog and cat treats and treats for older pets.

The pet food brand is targeting consumers who want a quality pet nutrition, while also offering an easy way to customize pet food products to meet the specific needs of your pet.