Chiarelli on Panthers: “It’s a great place to play”

Carolina Panthers coach Peter Chiarello said Sunday he has a lot of faith in the young core of the team.

Chiarella said he was looking forward to the start of training camp, which begins Monday and runs through the end of July.

He also said that the organization has an “aggressive plan” to get back to the playoffs and win another Cup.

But he didn’t say if that includes a full rebuild of the roster or if the Panthers will simply try to move some players around to make room for players they want to keep.

Chiaresl said he believes the Panthers have “a lot of young talent” that he hopes can grow.

He acknowledged the Panthers were the only team in the NHL to make a playoff run this season, so they have the talent to win another Stanley Cup.

Chiarenz said the team has a chance to win the Cup in 2019, but he didn�t know if that will happen.

He said he likes the young group of players and believes they have a chance for success, but that it will take time.

Chiarin said the Panthers aren�t worried about the cap and that they are still confident in their roster.

He praised the players on the roster, but noted that the players that are leaving are not necessarily the ones he likes most.

He noted that some of the older players on this team, like Nick Bjugstad, are entering their age-25 season.

He is excited to see what this group can do.

Chiandrez said he would like to see some players come in during the off-season, which is expected to be sometime in late July or early August.

Chiareli said he wants to be aggressive with his free agents, including some players like Jonathan Huberdeau.

He has been very open with the fans about his interest in Huberd, but said he has not been approached by any of the teams interested in the center.

Chiaringo said he also wants to make sure he can have a team in place for the next two seasons, which are both free agency.

Chiari said he will be doing more to communicate with the team and players about how the organization is going to do things.

He hopes to have some kind of agreement with some players to come to camp.

Chiarrez said that he would love to bring in a goalie, which would require a trade.

He could also use some help on defense.

Chiarsen said he�s looking to add to the team�s depth at forward and defense, which he has done by signing veteran Mattias Ekholm and bringing in defenseman Markus Mermis.

Chiarosen also mentioned that he wants a veteran defenseman to be on the team next year.

Chiaredo said there are a lot more players that he�ll be looking at to improve his team.

He was asked about the Panthers� depth at goalie, and he said it is a concern.

Chiaro is also in the market for a defenseman.

Chiarante said he is open to some help from players on defense, including adding another defenseman to the mix.

He added that he has no intention of trading any players and said he doesn�t want to take anything off the table.

Chiaris is expected at the training camp in Fort Myers, Fla., for his first press conference since being fired on June 30.

Chiatsi is the third coach in the last six years to be fired after being hired by the Carolina Hurricanes.

The last two were fired by the New Jersey Devils and Anaheim Ducks.

The Panthers hired Chiaretti in January 2009.