How Twitter could end up losing its ability to monitor you

A little-known feature of Twitter’s new privacy policy makes it easier for users to know what companies are spying on them.

The policy changes how users can opt out of the company’s data collection program, and the changes don’t come until October 1.

The new rules are meant to help users know when their information is being collected and how to opt out.

But there’s a catch: Twitter’s Privacy Policy will be completely silent about whether your information is collected or not.

That means it won’t tell users what kinds of companies are tracking them, how long they’ve been tracking them and who the companies are.

Twitter has said it will provide the details of its data collection programs in a public document to the public.

The company says it will publish those details at the end of October.

Privacy advocates have long complained that the company doesn’t fully explain how its programs work, and that it doesn’t disclose to users who opt out how it collects and uses their information.

Twitter’s move to allow users to opt-out of the data collection means users will have a way to know when they’re being tracked and which companies are gathering it.

“The new Privacy Policy should give users the ability to make informed decisions about how they use and share their data,” David Einhorn, a policy analyst at the American Civil Liberties Union, told Recode.

But the change could also give the company more information to collect, he said.

“In the past, Twitter has been a lot more vague about what they collect and how they’re doing it.

They don’t seem to be sharing with the public that much with the general public.”

Twitter users can still opt out, but the changes won’t take effect until October 3.

Twitter also has a new privacy plan that is meant to be more transparent.

The privacy policy is only meant to make sure that Twitter users understand the privacy practices of companies that they use to connect with others and manage their data.

“This new Privacy Statement will be a great start for those who are considering using Twitter and for those concerned about the implications of its use of their data for commercial purposes,” Twitter’s privacy policy states.

“We will continue to make it as transparent and complete as possible.”

The new privacy statement won’t be public until October, but Twitter’s blog post suggests that users who want to know more about how their information might be used on the platform can get in touch with the company.