How to get rid of fleas, ticks and other pests in your home

Posted February 07, 2019 03:10:30If you’re looking for ways to keep your house tidy and healthy, consider finding fleas and ticks out of your house.

These ticks can carry a disease, which can lead to severe illness, such as Lyme disease.

You may also want to consider getting rid of all the household pests, such the mosquitoes, ants and other insects that feed on the fleas that live in your house, such fleas can transmit Lyme disease to people.

It’s a simple way to keep house pests under control, says pest control specialist Dr Stephen Dutton from the Department of Health and Human Services.

“It’s easy to get started and it’s not complicated to do, so if you’re a bit of a DIYer, you can really keep your home clean, healthy and clean and healthy,” he said.

“We’ve got a couple of things that you can do, including keeping out fleas as much as you can and making sure that you have an insect control system in your room to control insects.”

If you want to get more practical with your pest control, Dr Dutton recommends putting a bedbug control system into your home.

“If you have a bed bug control system, that would help you control pests more effectively.

It would be a great idea to have it on your kitchen countertop as well,” he says.”

There are a couple different ways to do this, but you could have one on your front door and another in your living room.

You could have a combination that is on the front door, so it’s in your kitchen, then on the back door.”

It’s also important to keep the dust and mould out of the house, as well as keeping out the pets and the other pests.

“Insects are not the only pests that feed off these household pests,” Dr Denton said.

“We have a whole range of other pests, so there are a lot of things to consider if you want your house to be as clean and as pest-free as possible.”

There are several different types of pest control methods available, from dust mites to water fleas.

If you don’t want to take the extra step of putting a bug control unit into your house and you don´t want to be stuck with pests, you could try using a flea control spray.

“You could get an outdoor spray that you spray in your garden, and it will kill all of the pests that you’ve got,” Dr Judd says.

However, he warns that if you spray your house with the spray, you need to do it within a reasonable time.

“A spray is not going to work on the houses of people who live in them,” he explains.

“So you need the person in the house that’s spraying to be really careful.

You need to spray in a way that doesn’t harm your house or anyone else.”