Which pet is right for you?

Tampa pets is one of many services that help people find and adopt pets.

But it has also been accused of selling pets that are not the pets they think they are buying.

Tampa is one such service, and its chief executive is trying to shake that reputation.

Pete Hegsethe told ABC News that his company is a “pets first” service and that it is not a pet-hating company.

HegsetHegsethe says he believes it is the job of the pet owner to get the pet into the home.

“It’s the owner’s responsibility to make sure the pet is properly cared for,” Hegsetshe said.

“The goal is to find the perfect home for the pet.”

Hegsetsh says he has seen people get pets that they didn’t know they had.

“The pets in our homes don’t look like they should be there,” he said.

He also said that the company is not “pet-friendly.”

“We are a pets first company.

Our goal is that you find the best pet for you and your family,” Hegsetshe said, adding that there are other services that will work for pets.ABC News contacted several pet stores, pet stores in Florida, and pet stores around the country for comment, but did not receive any.

Pet stores also told ABC that they don’t sell pets that aren’t listed on the website.

They also say that the dogs are not sold as pets, nor do they sell dogs that have been taken away from owners because of their temperament.

Some pet stores have even taken down their pet sections from their websites.

Pet owners can get a free quote from the company, but they also have to pay an additional $1.50 per dog to get a pet that fits their needs.

The pet-finding service has been criticized by animal rights groups.

Pet owners have been petitioning the city of Tampa for years to stop using Craigslist as a pet placement service, claiming that Craigslist is a breeding ground for pet cruelty and animal abuse.

“If you want to get an exotic animal from Craigslist, they are breeding for a reason, they have been breeding,” said Jennifer Sotero, a Florida State University professor who studies pet adoption and shelters.

Sotero said that pet owners should take a look at the company’s website and other websites, such as Facebook, that they can find other options.

She also told NBC affiliate WPTV that she was disappointed by the number of pets being taken away because of the company.

“People think they can’t get pets.

And they can,” Soteros said.

Pet sales and pet shelters are both unregulated, but many people still believe that pet stores are responsible for finding and adopting pets, said Stephanie Peralta, a veterinary clinical professor at the University of South Florida.

Sottoso said that she hopes to see the company take action against some of its services and adopt a policy that states that pets must be “vetted, microchipped and spayed or neutered” before being placed on the site.