The “pete davidSON” who got fired from Facebook

Pete Davidson was fired from his position at Facebook.

He’s been suspended for a week.

Davidson, a “friend of the President”, was a user in the Facebook newsfeed of President Donald Trump.

His suspension was triggered by the discovery that he had used Facebook’s Trending Topics feature to post offensive material.

Facebook confirmed to Reuters that it had “found and taken action against Mr Davidson”.

The site added that Davidson’s posts were removed “after he agreed to take down some posts that were inappropriate or out of context”.

Davidson posted several posts under the name “Pete” on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The posts featured photos of people posing with dogs, dogs with cats and dogs with people.

Some were vulgar and racist.

Davidson has a history of making racist posts, which included comparing the death of Michael Brown, a black man, to lynching.

He also posted pictures of a man he said had murdered a black woman and posted a link to a video showing him holding a gun to her head.

He had been suspended from Facebook for several months.

In a Facebook post on May 30, he said he had been terminated from Facebook because of the content of his posts.

David’s firing is one of several incidents at Facebook this year that have raised questions about the company’s policies and practices.

In January, the company suspended two prominent white nationalists for using the site, including one named Andrew Anglin, who has a profile under the handle The Daily Stormer.

Anglin had also posted messages that were racist and xenophobic.

In October, a video surfaced of a group of people, including Anglin and his supporters, chanting slogans and chanting in support of the white supremacist movement.

Facebook removed the video from the site and said it was taken down for violating the company rules against hate speech.

Facebook has also suspended a number of pro-Trump accounts for violating its hate speech policy.

A spokesman for Facebook declined to comment.

David said that he was fired after he threatened to expose the identities of people using Facebook, calling them “political cowards”.

“I think it’s the worst thing ever,” he said.

“This is not like anything that’s happened in my life, I’ve been on Facebook for 15 years, and they didn’t even know what happened to me.

I think it was a bad call.”

He also said that if the company had followed its own policies on hate speech, it would have dealt with the situation differently.

The decision to fire David comes after other posts David made on social platforms showed his hatred for Muslims, including the one posted on June 14, in which he wrote: “You are a dirty, filthy Muslim terrorist.

You are the enemy of America.

You have no right to live in America.”

David also wrote: “You’re nothing more than a bunch of Jews.

You’re nothing but Jews and they’re nothing to you but their dirty filthy money.

You will never be a part of my family again.”