Pete Popoff: A pet-loving hiker in the middle of Houston’s pet crisis

A pet lover is one of the many people who will have a hard time finding a home in Houston as pet abandonment and pet euthanasia have increased dramatically.

Pete Popoff has been living with his dog for over 20 years.

Popoff says he has never been homeless and has a home with a dog in the city.PETA is asking the public to donate to the rescue of his pet, which is a black Lab mix named Bob.

He is the first animal to be euthanized in Houston since the pet-friendly PetaBay pet-adoption site shut down in late November.

PetaBay is the only place in the country where a pet can be adopted for adoption without being turned away.

The site allows people to post their pet’s picture on a public bulletin board and then the adoption agency will notify owners when the pet is available.

People who don’t find a home can contact the site to see if they can adopt a dog for a fee.

PepsiCo and other companies have been taking advantage of the new PetaAdoption program.

A PetaBubble campaign that started on Nov. 3, 2017, aims to get pet owners to donate more than $20,000 to help cover the cost of keeping a pet in their home.

The campaign has raised more than 2 million dollars, and PetaMentions is raising more than 6.2 million.

Popoff has a website,, and he’s reached out to some of the biggest names in the pet industry, including PetaCo, PetaSoda, Petabuzz and PetAdvisor.

He says he hopes to be able to find a way to help Bob with his medical bills in the future.

He says that while the PetaBank program is a great idea, he’s not in favor of letting pet owners just walk away.

He’s hoping the pet adoption program can get more people to adopt, so that the city doesn’t have to deal with a situation where there are so many people needing help.

The PetaBarrier is one way to bring more people into the pet rescue industry.

The company recently started a new initiative to help pet owners in Houston.