How to get your pet portraits on the big screen

It’s been nearly two years since a major Hollywood film starring Peter Sarsgaard became the subject of a petition that received more than 12 million signatures.

“Pet portraits on film are so incredibly important,” the petition read.

“Pet owners are passionate about their pets and can’t imagine living without them.

Pet portraits are so important to our culture that we are so proud to have them on film.”

Sarsgaard was the subject this month in “The King’s Speech,” a romantic comedy starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Garner that also starred Jennifer Lopez and Zach Galifianakis.

Sarsgard’s portrait of himself in the film has received attention for its close-up and detailed eye contact.

But while Sarsgard has been an actor and a producer, his pet portraits have received less attention than his other work.

For years, the portraits of pets have been available on the Internet as an online archive of pictures taken by humans.

The Internet Archive has since been shut down by Google after the search giant allegedly violated copyright laws by hosting copyrighted material.

Sara and David Berenson in “Crazy Heart,” released in 2017.

While the Berensons’ online gallery was not affected, the Sarsgards did suffer from copyright infringement when they uploaded their pet portraits to the Internet Archive in 2017, according to the site’s founders.

The Sarsdons’ gallery, which includes more than 300 images, included one that showed a picture of their cat, which had been tagged as a ‘puppy’ in the online archive.

The family of one of the Sarstedys’ pets was also upset that they were being used as the centerpiece of the film.

The couple, who live in a house in Beverly Hills, California, told The Hill that they posted their petition on Facebook and Twitter and the petition garnered more than 3,000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

In addition to being used for the movie, the gallery was also used in a book and a website that was created to educate the public about pets and pets owners, they said.

The website,, lists a list of the images on the site and offers tips for pet owners who are struggling with the issue of copyright infringement.

The images are part of an archive created by the Sardsons to educate people about the importance of pet photography, said the site.

A petition that was posted online on June 7, 2017.

Sarsjgson’s portrait is one of a number of pet portraits in the Internet archive that are currently being used in the upcoming “The Kings Speech,” which is set to be released next week.

The family was so upset that their pet had been used as a focus of the movie that they decided to take the initiative and file a copyright infringement lawsuit, they told The Hollywood Reporter.

Sarsgdons’ pet portrait in “King’s Speech” was not included in the digital archive created for the film, but the family’s petition included a photo of the cat in the same frame as the portrait of Sarskjolds.