What you need to know about the Chinchilla and its owners

Here are some key things you need know about Chinchillas, and their owners.1.

Chinchas are the only cat in the world that can jump.

They can leap at full speed and climb fences.2.

Chinches are the fastest animal in the animal kingdom.

Their ability to jump is comparable to the human ability to walk.

They jump up to 70 mph (115 kph).3.

Chins are able to run for long distances on land.

They are the longest-running animal on Earth.4.

Chisches can climb trees and climb trees that are taller than them.

They have been known to jump up 100 feet (30 meters).5.

Chichines are the largest carnivores on Earth with over 30 different species.

They weigh around 10,000 pounds (4,200 kilograms).6.

Chichels can live for more than 25 years, according to their owner, Bobbie.7.

Chihuahuas have the longest tongues of any mammal.8.

Chilichans have the largest brains of any animal on earth.9.

Chincas have a lifespan of about 10 years.10.

Chico, Chichos and Chihuales are the smallest breeds in the U.S.